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Racial Reckoning

on Wed, 09/16/2020 - 02:37

What is going on? What is happening in the world? For me, this time of racial unrest has been a Racial Reckoning. Having the time to slow down, reflect and assess my life has been the biggest gift of the Covid-19 pandemic. I distinguished that the weight of surviving while being black resulted in me not seeing, creating or living for a future.I have spent an abundance of energy and time trying to fit it, to feel included in the Racist America we are living in. Adapting to, molding myself with white attributes so that I would not scare white people.

Well, enough is enough. I am creating a present and a future of my own design. One where I am thiriving in every area of my life. One where I speak up and share the impact when someone hurts my feelings or cuts me with a microaggression. A reality where I believe and act as if I am included, loved and appreciated everywhere I go. I have freed myself from the bondage of conformity and lack. I am choosing to not be silent. I am choosing to engage in courageous conversations about race and beyond. I continue to be generous and kind. And, my super power of being Rigorus with Compassion flows freely everywhere I go.

Setting my mind free, coupled with engaing in a walking and hiking practice has allowed me to release 24 lbs (and counting). Love, Integrity, Freedom and Ease are very much alive and well in my life. I assembled a group of committed listeners--people who have agreed to support me and hold space for me as I blossom beyond my past preceieved limitations. Having witnesses to my life in this way is a precious gift.

As I adjust to my new freedoms, I am inspired to share and promote freedom for others.We are living in a challenging time and, we need to get grounded so that we can flourish and not implode. Sharing this journey with others, as well as alone has been the biggest expansion thus far in my life.

So, come on, let's connect and move our energy in positive ways together.

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