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It's Been A Long Time...

on Mon, 08/01/2011 - 18:50

Hello Everyone!  I've been so engaged in my life/exploration that I haven't taken the time to write on my blog.  I've been exploring what it means for me to be, "At choice" and what "Intimacy" means to me.  Choice is a powerful concept and one that I have found is not often explored.  There are people and organizations that say that encourage you to make choices and then when you make one they challenge it.  That doesn't seem fair.  What impacts one's choices?  Their past programming, current programming, fear, needs, expectations?  Maybe all of that.  I've come to see that for me, life keeps happening--circumstances arise and I ALWAYS have a choice as to how I will respond to what's occurring for me.  And, when I make a choice it is something that I take full responsibility for--meaning whatever the impact is on me or others, I own it.  If my choice negatively impacts another, I get to clean that up-make amends.

"Intimacy" is a concept that often gets collapsed into sex or sexuality.  I have been distinguishing it and separating it from sexuality.  To me, being intimate means that I get to be a witness to another's life and they mine.  In practical terms, I get share myself, my experiences, reactions to how life is occurring for me with others.  Compassion, listening, generosity, love, integrity and trust are present during the exchanges.  Is there anything better than intimacy?  Having the experience of being "known" is a wonderful thing.  Being seen, heard and appreciate is something humans strive for.  I am enjoying being authentic, vulnerable, and present with more people in my life.  

Sharing this concepts with others "feeds" me, enlivens me.  Building connections is so rewarding.  What does choice and intimacy mean to you?

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