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Go With The Flow

on Wed, 01/16/2013 - 08:23

We've all heard or said , "Go with the flow" before and yet, it's profound.  As I was going through my completion ritual for 2012 and creating 2013, I found myself at my favorite beach, Stinson beach.  I was struck by the simplicity of the tide coming in and going out.  It was magical and easeful.  The ebb and flow was rhythmic and predictable like breathing.  I felt comforted by the sound of the flow.  I can count on the flow of the water, my breath and life.  As I put structures in place to "ground" my intentions for 2013 in to action steps- reality, I am at ease.  I surrender to the flow. I embrace the fluidity of all that is and isn't.  I have intentions, goals and plans for 2013---and, I am not attached as to how they unfold.  I am expecting miracles and breakthroughs that are beyond my knowing.  After all, if I already know it, then it is based in my past.  And, I am up for new things, things unfamiliar to me in this moment.  Ah, the freedom in surrendering is sweet.  And, when I forget that sweetness, I'll go back to the beach or sit quietly and marvel at my breathing.

May you experience more fluidity in 2013, unlike you ever have before.




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